Countries with top Facebook penetration to population

Penetration of Facebook users to population is a very important indicator. Today we‘ve prepared a graph that show that.

Countries with top Facebook penetration to population

Everyone who is in the business can’t be really surprised that the USA has the biggest group of Facebookers (110 million users on Facebook). The figures show us that the second position is occupied with United Kingdom where is 23 million Facebookers. It means that in absolute numbers the USA has around 87 million more on Facebook then UK. Again in numbers it’s about 4.5 times more. It’s really interesting that other positions are occupied by Indonesia and Turkey.

Many marketers ask for penetration like Harry Potter with a magic wand. You can get it (I mean figures of penetration not a magic wand, sorry) for free from but you have to be careful and compare it with a whole population of a chosen country. In figures we can see that first position with highest penetration is occupied by Iceland with 55.12%. If you read newspapers you know that citizens of Iceland aren’t your target because they don’t have money (or at least their banks don’t). United Kingdom is sixth in penetration with 38.31% and USA is tenth with 35.92%. Having in mind salaries in these countries and population you can seriously work with penetration because in these cases it makes sense to advertise/to sell something.

Penetration on Facebook isn’t everything but it’s useful if you know how to work with other indicators. High penetration is mostly in small countries with easy access to internet connection. Look at the figures and you find this 2. Norway, 3. Denmark, 5. Singapore, 7. Hong Kong, 11. Sweden, 12. Malta, 13. Israel and so on. In these countries you have to know pretty well what people really want a how much they are willing to buy because high penetration means nothing with small population.

Healthy penetration with middle (around 10 millions citizens) or high population is at least about 20%. We are talking about 4. Canada, 8. Australia, 23. France, 26. Italy, 36. Czech republic etc. If you see lower number you can be sure that you have fewer possibilities to reach your target – especially in case of services or specialized goods. But in some countries you probably can get good results although they are small in population – 13. Israel, 15. Ireland, 17. Finland, 19. Belgium and many others look worth to do business. Facebook is smart tool but its users are smart too. If you want success on Facebook you have to know your customers and their possibilities. Many people in business consider penetration or population as the most important indicators. We already know that it’s important but not everything.

On, we are also preparing penetration to online population, which will be available very soon on our Facebook Country Statistics page!

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