World’s fastest growing Facebook pages

Make sure, you stay informed about the pages that made it to Socialbakers ranking based on their growth percentage! Congratulations to those pages, who won the most fans in the past 12 months!

World’s fastest growing Facebook pages

As the last year has been one of the most dynamic years of fans increase for many pages, Socialbakers looked at those with the most substantial growth rate. Some of the pages were launched recently, which speaks for their almost immediate jump. In order to give complete picture, we analyzed the pages based on their countries of origin.

Looking at the table below, the greatest number of the fastest growing pages was in Turkey, which is the Facebook world country Nr. 4, growing 15.58% in the six months view. Exceptional growth was monitored in Pera Pirlanta, which grew more than 450×.

Poland is one of the Europe’s fastest growing Facebook countries with the growth of 21.07% in six months. Germany grew even faster, by 29.21% in the six months view. Brazil grew by incredible 97.76%! Certainly, some countries are on the right track to beat the growth rakings!

World’s fastest growing Facebook pages

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