Socialbakers Engagement Builder – live platform for your maximum engagement effectiveness!

Building engagement of your Facebook fans has never been easier than with this Socialbakers management platform. Why is that? Because as the only platform available, it offers whole range of important functionalities and they must be used in full in order to get the maximum result. Read more and watch our video!

Socialbakers Engagement Builder – live platform for your maximum engagement effectiveness!

You have certainly come across with need to manage your fans and build their engagement within your Facebook page. Whatever you would like to have and expect from your preferred management platform is now available in the Socialbakers Engagement Builder.

Socialbakers developed the builder as an answer to your business needs, combining time effective approach, pleasure of using it, sharing the experience with is with your friends and colleagues and gaining maximum result in the realm of the social media.

This is our full offering of unique set of features, which were developed to deliver strategic solutions for the businesses.

Engagement Builder enables:

One of its key features is newsfeeds optimization, which allows the page owner to schedule the activities in real-time and share them with the team. This is done through the social media-planning calendar, which facilitates the management of more pages at the same time.

Newsfeeds optimization

Special tab customization and tab section overview with graphics customization and styling. By adding styles and changing position offers important functionality for page brand management.

Tab customization

The possibility to quickly manage and filter the newsfeed

Manage and filter the newsfeed

The possibility of third parties, such as social media agencies, tabs based on our platform, and launching it across several Facebook pages

Creating application tabs

Drag and drop application – the ability to create a tab by dragging and dropping elements

Definitely take a moment to look at the Socialbakers Engagement Builder video!

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