What countries ranked TOP in Engagement Rate?

Socialbakers, top social media analytics company, has profiled all world countries and examined what percentage of all Facebook pages registered in any particular country earned the highest Engagement Rate.

What countries ranked TOP in Engagement Rate?

Socialbakers has defined and developed expertise to measure metric, which is important to all marketers – Engagement Rate. It is the average number of total interactions, either likes or comments posted by fans to their overall number. Considered period for our table in last month.

Interesting findings show, that although some countries are top in terms of the Facebook population and penetration %, their country-registered pages are not reaching the top in this respect.

Main message for marketers: note that in the social media marketing for country view, there is no positive correlation between the number of fan base and the Engagement Rate of that country. It depends on the quality of the wall posts and overall page score. More information on how to master Engagement Rate will come in the following articles.

For more country details, visit Socialbakers Country Statistics, where you can tap into all metrics tracked globally.

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