Socialbakers analytics awarded the most powerful platform for businesses!

According to ActivEngage, Socialbakers has one of the greatest solutions for social media marketing businesses; its Engagement Analytics and Engagement Builder are the preferred platforms for global brands, which are interested to harness the power od social media for their customers.

Socialbakers analytics awarded the most powerful platform for businesses!

Socialbakers is constantly seeking to deliver improvements for our clients and audience; whilst the most successful were:

  • easy access to your local country demographics and growth statistics,
  • overview of articles in their respective marketing,

We are especially proud to our most popular feature: Suggest a page

Let us tell you more about this one:

There’s a massive rate of new Facebook pages to appear every day! It might be that you have just come across one by chance or it’s connected to your business. Don’t hesitate and let us know about it!

Now it’s even easier since you only have to type in the mane and the “suggester” will automatically find out the address. Tag its country and main business area and that’s it!

Since the launch of Facebook Page Suggester, we have successfully added more than 150 000 new pages!

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