What do the F8 changes mean for marketers?

You have probably all watched the F8 yesterday, and are wondering one key thing: What will this mean for marketing? Will these changes affect you displaying in the newsfeed? Will it mean a change in Facebook pages? What new apps should you be preparing? All of that is something you should be asking yourselves, and we at Socialbakers are bringing you some answers.

What do the F8 changes mean for marketers?

Lets start with Facebook pages

For Facebook pages, this will probably mean down the road, that the newsfeed will be the same on Facebook pages, as it will in the profiles, but for the time being, Facebook employees on F8 confirmed, that there will be no changes currently to Facebook pages, and that tabs are “here to stay” for time to come, and even if there was something new, there would be a transition.

Generally this news is great for Facebook pages, making the pages be a little more visual is a great option.

Engagement on Facebook

The real question is = will the new newsfeed change engagement patterns of users towards Facebook pages? Thats obviously a key question, and we will work on an analysis in a couple days to see how engagement is evolving after the new newsfeed with the ticker has been rolled out.

Facebook applications – new way of interacting with customers

The best thing that was announced at the F8 is apps = you have completelly new ways to interact with applications, not only by “playing” them or using them, but introducing an entirely new set of experiences like “watch, eat, listen, run”, and practically anything you want. This will lead to a whole new engagement, as currently I wouldnt go to my profile and say: “I had a lovely snickers”, but maybe with this ticker of mini-stories, I would go as far as sharing that small information, allowing brands to more deeply engage with their customers.

I believe there is a huged untapped market for this, and that this will mean another year of great innovation by companies out there, and Socialbakers will be here to measure this communication shift, and what it is doing with social media marketing!

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