5 Tips for Businesses on Snapchat

It's impossible to ignore how powerful Snapchat is for business. We’ve put together 5 effective tips to show how you can master Snapchat's marketing capabilities.

5 Tips for Businesses on Snapchat

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It’s no wonder why Snapchat is going to be the most talked about social media platform of 2016. The mobile app has become one of the most entertaining ways companies can engage with audiences – with 100 million active daily users who watch Snapchat videos 8 billion times per day.

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1. Create exclusivity 

Taco Bell has become one of the most engaging brands on Snapchat. In 2013, Taco Bell announced on Twitter that they were joining Snapchat, promising to send all of their friends a secret. They were able to appeal to their existing community and create buzz, because let’s face it – who can resist being let in on a secret? 


Since then, they’ve captured more than 200,000 Followers and experienced exceptional engagement rates – 80% of their Followers open their Snaps, and 90% viewed them in their entirety (source). Snapchat offers marketers the chance to be innovative and entertaining. The nature of the app encourages users to create content within the platform. This forces users to think ‘in the moment,’ since the content will disappear in 24 hours. Social marketers now have the freedom to create content that doesn’t have to be picture perfect – just keep it real.

2. Make it fun 

The first successful campaign on Snapchat from a world-renowned company was the Audi/The Onion campaign for the 2014 Super Bowl. They published a series of funny snaps before and during the game. Audi’s Snapchat following grew by 5,500 Followers during the Super Bowl, in addition to the 5,000 Followers they captured two days before the big game. The success of their Snapchat campaign also helped them attract 2,500 Followers on Twitter and 9,000 Fans on Facebook.


3. Harness the power of influence 

After the success of the Super Bowl campaign, Audi was eager to continue creating stellar content on Snapchat. Their agency helped Audi forge a social media partnership with Pretty Little Liars, one of the most tweeted-about shows on US television. Audi was exposed to a new audience which they kept engaged by telling them to tune into their Snapchat every week for exclusive clues and puzzles. The team also reached out to the show’s leading actor, Ian Harding, to appear live on their Snapchat during key episodes.


Audi’s efforts were a wild success because they found a way to create content their audience loved. Audi acquired 115,000 new Snapchat Followers in the process – and their Followers took 187,000 screenshots, many of which were re-posted across Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr.

4. Arrange a Snapchat takeover

Teaming up with Snapchat influencers can increase your visibility and inspire great content. Shaun McBride (Shonduras) is one of the very first Snapchat influencers, renowned for his state of the art doodles and captivating adventures. Many notable companies, such as Disney and Red Bull, have taken notice of his profile and asked him to take over their accounts. He set the standard for a Snapchat influencer that resulted in memorable snaps around famous campaigns.

Some businesses have gone further by partnering with celebrities. For example, when General Electric (GE) started their account, they handed over their Snapchat to Buzz Aldrin, former astronaut and 2nd man to walk on the Moon. The takeover celebrated the anniversary of the Moon landing, and was also connected to GE’s role in NASA’s Moon mission. It was a clever way to appeal to a new audience. If you’ve got the budget, you can go beyond Snapchat influencers or cooperate with experts in your industry.


5. Speak the language 

Keep your audience in mind and think of ways they interact on Snapchat. Social media marketing has blurred the lines between social interaction and advertising. Snapchat is fun, so think of clever ways to be entertaining and forget the hard sell.

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