How Twitter’s Big Shift Affects Marketers

You’ve probably heard Twitter is planning to change their Tweet length to give users more space to express themselves. We looked at data from the top 500 global handles to see if companies are struggling to keep their Tweets short.

How Twitter’s Big Shift Affects Marketers

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The social media platform is known for its 140 character count limitation, which CEO Jack Dorsey formerly described as “beautiful restraints”. Now with plans to loosen the restrictions, companies can better express themselves and communicate with their customers more freely.

According to Twitter, their character count will exclude “@name” (when users respond to a Tweet), media attachments, as well as the “.@” convention. These changes could attract more Followers and increase engagement rates (our data scientists will continue to analyze the development to find out!).

In light of Twitter’s announcement, we explored character count trends from February 2016 to April 2016 from the top 500 global companies. We analyzed how companies are using character count to see if there is a need for the new space. 


Companies are struggling to keep their Tweets short. The majority of companies we analyzed used nearly every character in their Tweets – 28% used between 131 – 140 characters; while less than 2% of companies used 50 characters or less.

Our thoughts summed up in 109 characters: Twitter may be onto something.

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The Takeaway

Twitter is evolving their platform to better fit their consumers’ needs (awesome job listening to your users, Twitter ;)). Even though the Tweet length will remain at 140 characters, the change will affect how the platform works entirely. We will analyze the development of character count usage (after the announced changes are put into action) to see how companies are taking advantage.


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