5 Best Practices for Business LinkedIn Profiles

Many social media marketers have difficulty creating relevant content for audiences on LinkedIn. The challenge for some, is being a social company on a professional platform. Just follow these 5 steps improve your content creation process and presence on LinkedIn.

5 Best Practices for Business LinkedIn Profiles

1. Make it personal

Remember, your followers may be just as interested in learning about your organization as your product. Even though LinkedIn is geared towards business-related content, it’s important to create something they would want to engage with.

Think about how you can show your company’s personality with a human touch. For instance, you can give them an insider look of your company with pictures and videos of the office or by introducing some of your hardworking colleagues. Give your followers a sample of your company culture so they have a better idea of what it’s like to work for you.


Tip: What would you like to see if you were interested in working for a company?

2. Share your knowledge

When people have questions about a topic that concerns your industry, you want them to come to you first. As market leaders, you have valuable information that other professionals can benefit from, so share it as much as possible. It’s a great way to build content from resources you already have. Try to keep your audience up-to-date with emerging trends and news. Sharing how-to’s and other advice can enhance your reputation and position your company as a thought-leader.


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3. Plan your timing

Timing has everything to do with how your posts perform – so be strategic about when you plan to publish to reach your audience when they are online. Professionals are busy, and likely check their LinkedIn accounts before work, during their lunch hour, and after work. You can improve your content visibility by letting enough time elapse between posts.

4. Keep it professional 

LinkedIn is a professional network, so the messaging your company uses should reflect this. Your posts should use formal language with a friendly tone. Feel free to use jargon since your audience is likely familiar with these terms, just make sure it’s used in moderation. Some of your Followers may be reading your content on the go, so try to keep your posts short for effortless reading.


In this example, Reuters uses a compelling visual accompanied by a detailed headline so readers can decide if they want to read on.

People are looking for content that’s relevant to their industry and professional interests, so it’s important to show your audience what the content is about even before they click. Create captivating that accurately describe the content, as well as the benefits it provides upfront – LinkedIn is not a place for clickbait.

5. Engage your employees 

Your employees are your best brand ambassadors, so encourage them to add your company to their LinkedIn profiles. They will automatically receive your company messaging in their newsfeeds. Since they already have an established connection with your organization, they are more likely to interact with – and share – your content. This will improve your reach and show you as an attractive employer.


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The Takeaway 

LinkedIn is an incredible resource for companies to connect with their Followers on a professional level. Differentiate your LinkedIn profile from other social media accounts and tailor your messaging for each audience; creating relevant content can boost interactions and establish your reputation as a thought leader.

Bonus Tip: Your content will lead your audience to your company’s profile. Make sure that your About section is up-to-date and describes the mission of your organization.


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