Most expensive pay per click advertising countries on Facebook

How much does it cost to advertise on the Facebook? How much do I have to pay for Pay-Per-Click advertising? Well, take your time and think about what do you need for your business, because you don’t have to shoot the entire world – Facebook is smart so be at least as smart as the Facebook. Sometimes you need to promote your products or products of your clients perhaps only in one region or country.

Most expensive pay per click advertising countries on Facebook

You can be pretty sure that rich Scandinavian countries are ahigher class among tothers to pay advertising than wilderness of the Balkan Peninsula. On the other hand Swedes are probably more capable to see your ad on the Facebook and pay for it. If we look at the figures provided for free on our Advertising section we can see that in TOP 10 are USA along with developed EU countries. Denmark will cost around $0.49 per click. It means that U.S.A. with $ 0.39 for 1 click costs $ 0.10 less. CPM (pay per view advertising) is not so different. One thousand Danish views is for $ 0.22 against one US CPM price for $0.18. Bearing in mind that in Denmark you can reach about 2.3 million users and in the USA around 110 mlillion users you know that in Denmark you have to be really special to catch interest of “your” facebookers.

Let’s look for a while at the TOP 10 of the most expensive Facebook CPC countries (Pay Per Click) and take a look at the others. Probably you won’t be surprised that there is Norway, UK, Germany and Sweden. Even Australia with New Zealand is not big hit. But don’t tell me that South Africa for 0.23 USD with almost 2.5 million users is a big deal for such high price.

For now forget TOP 10 Countries in Pay Per Click Advertising prices on Facebook and look at all 98 countries. It is obvious that bottom price in developed countries with people who have money to buy your product or support your cause is about 0.20 to 0.30 USD. Don’t be mistaken with price and use other tools which can help you identify your needs based on income, age and interests. Lower penetration with high price don’t give you room to experiment and you have to know your customers. High penetration with high CPC price is the same case only with higher risk to lose your money because statistically more people will make click on your ad. Probably the best option for experiments is low price and high penetration but brief sight at TOP 98 Country Advertising prices on Facebook tells you that in these countries is hard to sell anything. Facebook is a smart tool so be smart too!

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