Social Games 2016: Powered by Fan Passion

This summer, fans from around the globe are rooting for their countries, and we want their cheers to be heard through the Social Games 2016 Scorecard!

Social Games 2016: Powered by Fan Passion

Millions of fans are taking to social media to show support for their athletes and countries. Now they can stay up to date with the latest conversations and see who will win on social.

Updated: The Social Games Are Now Over, But You Can Check The Performance of Any Sports Page Here

Here’s what you need to know:

  1. We are combining our passion for data with fans’ passion for their countries and for the athletes who represent them. 
  2. Data is aggregated from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to track performance in real-time so you can compare countries’ social scores. 
  3. Fans can find out how their country stacks up against the top 3 performing countries on the interactive scorecard, which compares mentions on Twitter. 
  4. See where the most social media action is taking place with our Instagram heat map, and find out what people are ‘gramming about around the world.

Thanks to our Social Games 2016 Scorecard, you don’t need a ticket to participate in the most high profile global sporting event of the year.

Keep supporting your favorite countries and athletes on social media. Your social cheers are being heard!

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