LEGO’s Secrets to a Successful Social Media Strategy

LEGO is one of the world’s most valuable global brands and toy-makers, and they’ve built that success on social media, too. We found the best social media practices from the toy empire that can be applied to any brand no matter the industry.

LEGO’s Secrets to a Successful Social Media Strategy

In our latest study, we analyzed LEGO’s social media performance from 2015 across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and found some incredible insights you don’t want to miss. Download to learn some of their secrets, like:

  • creating authentic and on-brand digital customer experiences customers value 
  • taking advantage of description text to capture audience attention and drive them to the web
  • why social customer care is critical for your social media marketing strategy 
  • and so much more…

An In-Depth Look at LEGOu2019s Social Media Strategy

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While creating relevant content is important, so is having a customer-centric strategy which LEGO does exceptionally well. They not only put their communities first by creating authentic digital experiences and sharing exclusive content, they also encourage their audiences to contribute new ideas for their products. For instance, with the help of social media analytics in Socialbakers Solutions, we found their most engaging post on Facebook celebrated the release of The Simpsons Kwik-E-Mart set and the expansion of mini figures. 


The post alone generated more than 100,000 organic Interactions! This gave customers an exclusive look before the box set even hit stores, and successfully sparked conversations that created instant demand two months before they were made available to the public.

Customers at The Core

Not only does LEGO make their audiences feel part of an exclusive club, they’ve built channels that are devoted to their communities and the worlds they create – while providing platforms on social media that encourage audiences to contribute their product ideas. That’s helping them to continuously grow a massive loyal following. They also benchmark from their past performance to propel them forward; just see how LEGO performed on social media in 2014. Following in their footsteps will help you to improve your social media content strategy and create more authentic customer relationships that will drive your business forward. 

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