Facebook Updates Every Marketer Needs to Know

Are you making the most of Facebook’s latest platform updates and tools? Messenger alone has more than 1 billion active users, reflecting Facebook’s success at continuously enhancing their user experience - as well as providing innovative ways for marketers to reach audiences.

Facebook Updates Every Marketer Needs to Know

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1. The News Feed Algorithm 

Facebook’s News Feed update is designed with the user experience in mind. The latest algorithm update follows Facebook’s own set of News Feed values – to give people stories that matter to them most. Posts from friends and family appear first in a user’s News Feed, while posts from companies and media publishers fall much lower on the list. Though the new algorithm presents a challenge, it also offers quality control to reduce spam like ads and click bait articles in the News Feed – which will keep audiences engaged on the platform.

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Currently, marketers are promoting content more than ever before which results in 4x more negative feedback. To compete in this competitive landscape, marketers will need to create and promote quality content that is relevant to their audience. To achieve maximum reach, marketers should measure their post performance in terms of shareability as opposed to likability. Shares are the ultimate form of feedback; they prove that audiences find content valuable. Boosting posts that are high in shares are guaranteed to achieve better reach.

2. Virtual Reality and 360 Video 

Facebook launched 360 video in September 2015, and it has been rising in popularity ever since. The new tool has given social media marketers the ability to immerse their communities like never before. With Facebook’s wide range of 360 cameras to create astonishing experiences, it’s no wonder why Facebook is at the forefront of virtual reality. Just take a look at companies that are the best at transporting their community to different locations both fictionally and geographically.

3. Facebook Live 

Marketers no longer need to solely rely on traditional mediums with high production costs to get their message out. Facebook Live offers a cost-effective platform for interacting with audiences, in real-time and in a truly authentic, unpolished way. Companies are taking advantage of Live to build trust with their audiences by taking them behind the scenes and by answering audience questions on the spot. Live is a perfect way to not only reach audiences, but encourage participation, which is why it’s taking engagement to new a new level. Facebook just launched their two-person live broadcast feature (this requires verified pages or accounts to work). The new feature will make the broadcasts even more interactive and interesting for Facebook Live.

4. Canvas Ads

As Facebook describes them, Canvas Ads are a place where stories can come to life. These interactive ads are designed to be mobile-first (and mobile-only), incorporating swiping left and right, and panoramic photos that respond to tilts. Canvas Ads are a strong way to break through the clutter of traditional Facebook content by turning advertisements into a unique experience that audiences appreciate.

5. Business Page Redesign

Facebook revamped Businesses Pages to improve the user experience. The new design is more organized and minimalistic, making tab navigation even easier.

Facebook has also enabled promotional offers directly from Business Pages. You can create your discounted offer, link your promotion directly to your company website, and even add promotion codes and terms and conditions. Previously, these types of features required an expensive CRM system, but these changes show that Facebook is becoming an even more marketing-friendly platform.


The Takeaway 

To adapt to the new algorithm change, marketers must think in terms of shareability. Looking at the number of shares as a way to measure success will help marketers craft content to effectively reach their communities. By tracking organic shares, marketers can confidently put budget behind their most valuable content and get the most out of their social media presence. There are a variety of new Facebook tools that can help marketers create innovative content that audiences want to interact with and share within their own network.

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