National Geographic’s Strategies for Great Content

National Geographic has some of the highest follower, like and share numbers in the social media world. In our latest study, we looked at the data behind their performance and discovered the best practices across Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube that any company can apply for an effective social media strategy.

National Geographic’s Strategies for Great Content

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Even in the remote corners of the Earth, National Geographic is an iconic name. For years, they have brought worldly adventures to living rooms, informed their readers about the planet, and captured some of the most jaw-dropping images…ever. And they’ve taken that approach to social media by leveraging their wealth of content and providing followers with something new and exciting every day.

Read our study to find out how they:

  • Create more authentic connections with their followers
  • Take their communities on their adventures around the world in real-time
  • Expand their audiences on each platform
  • … and more

Explore National Geographicu2019s Social Media Strategy

National Geographic’s largest community is on Instagram, where they average around 76,000 new followers daily – building on their current base of 54.2 million. By using social media analytics in Socialbakers Solutions, we discovered their most engaging post accumulated more than 750,000 interactions. In our study, we found the tactics they used to make posts like this stand out across their profiles.


The post effectively incorporates the appropriate hashtags, makes use of description text to offer a vivid narrative, while subtly promoting the new issue of their magazine, and finishes off with the photographer’s Instagram handle – all of which provides a glimpse into the strategic social media planning that goes into every post.

On Facebook, they focus more on providing external source links to generate readership on their website. With Facebook’s new video capturing features, National Geographic has taken their immersive storytelling to a whole new level and published more videos than ever before.


When an Image is Worth a Thousand Reactions 

National Geographic reinforces their brand values of combining travel and education with incredible visual storytelling, and their followers cannot get enough of their content. They are finding ways to incorporate the latest features of each channel to help them fuel the growth of their following and user engagement. National Geographic’s approach should serve as an inspiration for any company.

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