Publish At The Perfect Time, Every Time

Every day, social media marketers struggle to find the optimal time to publish their content. And studying audience activity charts for your page is only telling you half the story. That’s why we developed a revolutionary tool that enables you to publish at the perfect time, every time, for every page’s audience. Meet PrimeTime - exclusively in Socialbakers Solutions.

Publish At The Perfect Time, Every Time

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How does it work?

PrimeTime recommends the optimal publishing time to achieve better organic reach for each Page you manage. PrimeTime is a machine learning algorithm that analyzes the historical data of your Facebook Page Fans’ behavior. Unlike other tools, it understands that there are two components to performance – content quality and timing – and focuses on how timing impacts performance independent of quality to give you actionable recommendations for the future. PrimeTime can detect the best posting time even if you have never published at this time before. 

The PrimeTime algorithm is integrated into our publishing solution and recommends when you should schedule posts based on predicted uplifts in visibility.

PrimeTime is not only predictive – it also analyzes past performance to identify the number of impressions you missed out on by not publishing at the recommended times. This gives a clear overview of which posts would have performed better with PrimeTime, and how you effectively managed to minimize missed impressions as well. 

Interested in Trying PrimeTime on Your Page?

Prime Time is integrated into the analytics part of our solutions, so you can report on how you have effectively minimized missed impressions with the use of PrimeTime. As in this case, our social media manager was able to minimize missed impressions from August 5.
PrimeTime’s Feed of Posts displays how the actual publishing time for each post differed from that day’s recommended best time. It also reveals the number of missed impressions in relation to the Daily and Weekly Best Time – so you see the best performance by day – and the overall number of impressions for each post.

The Takeaway

PrimeTime is a one-of-a-kind solution that we designed to solve all of your publishing timing needs, whether you are managing one Page or a dozen. Let PrimeTime’s predictive algorithm put your data to work for you. No matter if you’re working for an agency or at a company, this solution can increase the value of your services and improve your social media performance.

Attention Socialbakers’ clients: PrimeTime is part of our Data Driven Publishing and Performance Optimization Solutions. If you don’t have access yet, contact your Account Manager today.

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