Why Fashion Brands Are Thriving on Instagram

The fashion industry is a natural fit for the highly visual Instagram platform. Just how good are they? We looked at our data to identify the top 10 most engaging accounts to see how they’re performing.

Why Fashion Brands Are Thriving on Instagram

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Fashion brands are way ahead of all other brands in terms of Instagram performance. They receive significantly more followers and interactions which renders them one of the biggest and most engaging profiles on Instagram. It’s no secret that in order to gain followers and generate interactions on Instagram, you need to post exclusive, eye-catching content, whether it’s photos or videos. But which of the two really works best?


Looking at the data with Socialbakers Solutions, we found that fashion brands tend to post more photos than videos – in the first half of 2016, 93% of content posted by fashion brands on Instagram were images, compared to the 7% of videos. These numbers do not directly translate into generating engagement, though, as videos received marginally more interactions than images.

Fashion Brands’ Secrets Unveiled on Instagram

One of the fashion brands that we looked at more closely – Victoria’s Secret – has a slightly different content strategy. The American lingerie company’s profile is comprised of 18% videos and 82% images, and their images generated on average 10,000 more interactions than their videos – a testament to the importance of creating quality content and in knowing your audience’s preferences on the platform.

While the majority of fashion brands earn most of their engagement from videos, companies like Victoria’s Secret prove that images can be equally, if not more, effective in generating user interactions. The fashion industry clearly puts their visuals-first approach to good use on Instagram – and so should you. Download our study to find out more!

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