3 Tips for Better Facebook Engagement

Summer has come to a close and we wanted to find the best content strategies from the top-performers across Facebook during May until August. We analyzed one of the most competitive verticals of the season - the travel and accommodation industry - to see who really stood out.

3 Tips for Better Facebook Engagement

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We looked at the top 5 posts with the highest amount of interactions, and all of them came from Queen Alia International Airport (QAIA). We delved into their content strategy and found the lessons you can apply no matter what industry you’re in. 

1. Use a more personal approach 

The Jordan airport company used a Humans of New York style approach for their posts by featuring their customers’ stories. During the summer months, they received nearly 1.5 million total interactions, and grew their audience by 5% – that’s 33,000 new Facebook Fans. This approach clearly worked for them. These types of posts are a great way for companies to establish more meaningful connections between your business and customers.


This was QAIA’s most successful post during the summer months, and it also happened to be the best one they ever published. The image sparked a whirlwind of emotions, receiving over 134,000 likes and reactions, more than 2,000 comments and 100 shares.

2. Prioritize social customer care 

Providing great social customer care can positively impact your business both online and offline. Responding to your audience’s questions can also increase interactions and lead to greater brand awareness. Not only does interacting with your audience boost engagement, you can improve customer acquisition and retention, and learn what they want from your product or service in the process. 

3. Develop a well-balanced organic and paid promotion strategy 

Companies are promoting their posts more than ever before, yet there still needs to be a balance between paid and organic content. If you are generating interactions only from paid promotion, you risk losing money on content that might not be relevant for your audience. We recently conducted a study and found that promoting bad content can result in 4x more negative feedback and 100% higher Cost-per-Click. In other words, if you are promoting bad content, you are paying double to potentially harm your brand. 


Early organic performance is a great indicator of how a post will perform after it’s promoted. If a post performs worse than most of your recent content, it’s not going to turn into a winner once you put more of your budget behind it. You should let your organic content breathe before you promote it. 

The Takeaway 

There’s something a bit magical in sharing other people’s stories, in a world where we share so much, sometimes it feels like we know so little about even those closest to us. Maybe the key to boosting your engagement on Facebook is finding a way to be more personal and create content that ultimately resonates with your audiences. Audiences from all backgrounds can relate to these types of posts, they naturally want to interact with them, and they can learn more about different topics, places, and possibilities that might have never been available before. And hey, they just might brighten someone’s day!


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