What Facebook timeline means for brand & user relationships

The recent announcement of Facebook’s new profile - the Facebook Timeline got a lot of people very excited, and a lot of people left with some questions, one being an important one - how will this work for brands?

What Facebook timeline means for brand & user relationships

Though Facebook confirmed that this recent development does not mean anything for “traditional” Facebook pages, and the new newsfeed, which is already launched does not have any negative impact on the engagement, we can still predict that Facebook will launch the timeline experience for brand pages at one point, which will allow the brands to populate its history.

What this means for users is, that users will suddenly not only be able to “LIKE” things, but also to “EAT, WATCH, LISTEN, DRINK”, and anything else you can possibly think of. Although this verb change looks like a small thing, it might have big impact on the brand-user relationship. Think of these examples:

You only like a song once, however you can listen to it 3 times a day. You only like Pepsi once (if Pepsi is OK… reminded me of “is monopoly money OK?”), but you can drink it a couple times a day. This can increase the relationship with the brand, because it enables Facebook to aggregate the information, so it won’t send you every time that Jan had coke, but will only tell you if: Jan and 20 of his colleagues just had a Captain + Coke. Then you know where you are, and if you like drinking + Captain & Coke (Facebook will know both), then it will most likely pop up in your newsfeed.

Here are more illustrative examples:

  • When you are drinking a Coke you are a consumer – you are just trying it out, to see how it works, like going out once with a woman/man
  • When you like a Coke you are a customer – you now like it, so that’s a deeper relationship, now you are “dating” the brand
  • When you put drinking coke in your timeline you are like a CLIENT, equivalent to the real world – you are married :)

Therefore brands will definitely strive to “get into the Timeline” of users. This means basically being hard-coded in their lives. Nike+ can do it, Apple can do it; Coke as well (maybe limited with one action / box, but not retained). This also pushes brands to focus more around the lifetime experience for their customers.

To sum up: The new Facebook changes are a great opportunity for brands and users to get even closer to each other. That way, Facebook could manage very well, that if both sides engage in the relationship this is that they want.

Brands: users are hungry for timeline content, and as it will be rolling out, you need to have it. Will you have the first mover advantage of being their first?

Because every user only has one timeline, and there is so much content to put in.

Coca Cola Facebook Timeline

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