Analyze All of Your Paid Content in One Place

Socialbakers Solutions gives you the ability to measure the effectiveness and cost efficiency of your paid and organic content in a single aggregated visual view. Track the performance of your published and unpublished posts with Facebook ads metrics, so you can easily optimize your promotion budget.

Analyze All of Your Paid Content in One Place

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Visualize Your Paid Performance in the Paid Content Overview

Get an overview of all your promoted posts and all the ads metrics that matter to you. Filter by both Published and Unpublished posts, and view ads metrics for each – amount spent, number of actions, clicks, and more. You’ll have everything you need to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign on one page.

Note: Unpublished posts (also referred to as Dark Posts) do not appear on your Page’s public Timeline. They are targeted and only visible to the audiences you define for each post.

Filter Through Post Types in the Paid Content Overview

Stay on Top of Your Facebook Ads Spend

Get a quick aggregated look at the performance of your Facebook ads. In a matter of seconds you can see how much you’re spending, how many ads you are running, along with your average Cost per Click and Cost per Engagement.


Tip: Have more than one Facebook Ads account? Connect them all and start monitoring paid posts from all your accounts for a truly comprehensive summary of your ads performance.

Keep an Eye on Your Relevance Score

Facebook’s Relevance Score was introduced last year to help marketers understand how Facebook is ranking their ads in terms of how relevant they are to a targeted audience – the higher the score, the more effective the ad – which in turn influences how frequently that ad will be served. This is a crucial metric that enables you to see which of your ads needs improvement.

With Socialbakers Solutions, you can see the evolution of your ads’ Average Relevance Score so you can track your progress over time and see the impact of your changes. You can see average daily values for all ads in your connected ads accounts in a simple, easy-to-understand chart.


Tip: You can compare multiple Pages under one or multiple ads accounts. In this case, it is clear that Brand B has more relevant ads over time than Brand A, which has clear work to do to improve its Relevance Score.

Track Every Piece of Content in the Content Newsfeed

In addition to the Paid Content Overview, you can also use the Content Newsfeed to get an aggregated view of all your content, so you can track the performance of all of your posts – organic and promoted. The Content Newsfeed also makes evaluating the effectiveness of your published and unpublished posts easy if you enable Facebook Insights – no ads account connection required.

Navigate Through All of Your Content in One Feed 

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