Marketers, Don’t Promote That Facebook Post Yet!

Marketers are promoting nearly all of their Facebook posts right after publishing them. This strategy is highly ineffective: promoting the wrong content is costly and may be buying negative feedback instead. It's essential to wait before promoting to see how your content will perform organically first. Those few hours can tell you a lot - and save you a lot of budget!

Marketers, Don’t Promote That Facebook Post Yet!

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We analyzed over 320,000 posts by 5,000 of the largest company Pages on Facebook and discovered that nearly 50% of brands’ promoted content were their poorest-performing posts. This inefficiency comes from marketers promoting content too soon after publishing, before they can see if it will actually succeed organically.

Marketers are potentially spending money on content that is irrelevant for their audience and could cause negative feedback, lowering their Relevancy Score and making it more difficult for their content to reach audiences in the future.

The reality is that no matter how great you think your content is, you never know how your audience will react to it until you’ve put it out there into the world. That’s why Socialbakers recommends that you wait and see how your post performs organically in the first few hours – and then selectively invest only in content that is performing well. The benefits are many.


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