Our Best Content Picks on Facebook 2016

It's that time of year again, where we reflect on the best content of the year. Marketers found creative ways to use Facebook’s new innovations like Live and 360 video. Here are our top 5 picks for the best content of 2016.

Our Best Content Picks on Facebook 2016

John Lewis: Spreading Annual Christmas Cheer

Since 2007, British department store John Lewis has created annual Christmas commercials to kick off the holiday season. This year was no exception, and their video titled #BusterTheBoxer quickly became their top performing post. The video was extremely successful generating over 1 million interactions. To put this into perspective, 80% of their total engagement for the entire year came from this one ad!

Even more impressive? This content was 100% organic. Just imagine how many more interactions this post would have received if it was promoted. 

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Red Bull – A Race To The Top

It’s no surprise that Red Bull made it on our list – they are practically a media company with the amount of great content they produce to promote their brand. Their content is extreme and always has their audiences clinging to the edge of their seats.

Red Bull’s most engaging Facebook video was no different from their typical adrenaline-fueled content – earning more than 1 million interactions! The suspense and awe inspiring talent of the athletes is what keeps audiences engaged. Red Bull stays true to their brand identity and consistently creates content that their audiences love. It’s safe to say that Red Bull won this race.


Dunkin’ Donuts: On-The-Go Ordering

American coffee chain Dunkin’ Donuts used social media to raise awareness about their new on-the-go ordering app. Their new app gives members the ability to place their order and check-in when they are close to the store, so they can skip the line and pick up their treats in record time.


To promote the new service, Dunkin’ Donuts created a TV ad where a daredevil flies through mountains to pick up her ready-to-go – in midair! And they took to social media to further promote their campaign, using Facebook 360 video to provide their audiences with a different angle of the same content.

On Facebook, viewers were able to accompany the daredevil on one of her practice runs, where fun facts would appear throughout the flight. This behind-the-scenes footage allowed Dunkin’ Donuts to get more out of their content: the Facebook 360 video was viewed over 7 million times and received over 70,000 interactions.

Samsung: Gearing Fans For 360 Equipment

Samsung’s Facebook strategy aims to inspire their audiences through captivating content which is created with their own products. Their most engaging post of 2016 followed this theme and received nearly 300,000 interactions!

This post featured a 360-degree freeze frame of two skateboarders in motion. Audiences were able to immerse themselves within the photo by panning around to view different angles. Samsung incorporated their Gear 360 product using a hashtag which encouraged their audiences to share their own 360 experiences.

This post strategically showcased the potential of one of their products, and gave their audiences the ability to visualize the capabilities of their new camera. Samsung is bringing the in-store experience to their social media audience, and audiences loved it.


Aston Martin: Live Exclusive Invites

Aston Martin gave their Facebook audiences an exclusive invite to the Geneva Motor Show, using Facebook Live to unveil their highly anticipated DB11 car model. The post earned it’s place as the brand’s most engaging video of the year with nearly 50,000 interactions.

The luxurious sports car company used the power of live video to give their audience access to one of the most exclusive auto events of the year. Their community were among the first to see and learn about the new model – without the hassle of traveling to Switzerland.


The Takeaway

These were just some examples of the most interesting Facebook posts of 2016. If there is anything we have learned from these best performing posts, it’s to always stay consistent with your brand identity and adopt new content formats to keep your audiences coming back for more. If you produce quality, value-driven, innovative content, your audiences will reward you. 

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