What brand categories lead marketing on Facebook

Socialbakers brings you hot information on what industries on Facebook are generating most powerful to attract customers attention; win engagement and also what role plays the responsiveness of your page.

What brand categories lead marketing on Facebook

Socialbakers is measuring two very important metrics for Facebook brands – Engagement Rate and Response Rate. Whilst engagement is expression of your fans interaction with your page (and this you can influence immensely) through creating content worth for your fans, response rate is how fast and intensive your page responds to the inputs by your fans.

Socialbakers did research on how industries on Facebook use this massive social weapon and how successful they are in terms of winning engaged customers in the long run.

According to Socialbakers research, done using Engagement Analytics, the most engaged industries are Automobile and Retail, however Airlines and Telecom are the most responsive industries. The important finding in this respect is that fan engagement can be secured to a reasonable performance with managing good communication and increasing response rate by page.

Industries on Facebook

Socialbakers did recently an industry review in the biggest countries on Facebook.

Facebook Industry leaders in the United Kingdom

Industries with biggest cumulative number of fan base in the UK are Entertainment, Film, FMCG, Fashion, TV Show pages. The biggest progress in the ranking was recorded by Travel (moving up 5 positions) and Finance (moving up 3 positions) industries.

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