How to Get the Most out of Social Media Listening

After Facebook restricted its full text search options and closed the API, listening on the platform became more difficult. Find out how to overcome these limitations and effectively monitor conversations around your company on social:

How to Get the Most out of Social Media Listening

Until 2015, listening on Facebook involved tracking mentions in Pages’ and, most importantly, users’ posts. Companies were able to monitor conversations on a granular level and leverage it in three major social media business areas: lead generation, customer care, and campaign monitoring.

Using social listening to generate leads meant tracking conversations around your own company and your competition in order to discover interested prospects. Once you saw a user mentioning you on social, you could reach out to him and potentially win a new client.

Customer care was another aspect that could be significantly improved with listening. Companies that were quickly responding to their clients’ feedback on social could build valuable audience relationships and increase brand affinity.

Finally, social listening was adding a new dimension to campaign monitoring by allowing you to track communities’ responses to your content in real-time.

Likely due to growing privacy concerns, Facebook removed users’ posts from its full text search and restricted (and later closed) the API. These changes made listening limited to only Facebook Pages’ posts.

The listening options on other platforms aren’t great either. While Twitter allows you to monitor conversations, its user numbers aren’t growing much, which means that you work with an increasingly smaller proportion of data. Instagram, in turn, is a highly visual platform where companies are only rarely being mentioned.

See our chairman Jan Rezab discussing social listening on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram:

In order to capture more of the social media conversations around your company on Facebook, you need an advanced listening tool that crunches the big data. With Inspiration PRO in Socialbakers, you are able to track mentions along with the context in which they appear to get a deeper understanding of not only what’s being said, but also by whom. Instead of a simple overview of mentions, you get the top-performing posts about your company or any competitor, so you can easily find trending content.

Take Inspiration PRO for a Test Drive

But that’s not all – Inspiration PRO is also a great source of content ideas. Just type in a keyword to search through over 10 billion best posts across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and find inspiration for your next campaign or post within seconds!


The Takeaway

Social media listening has notably changed over the past two years. Tracking mentions, which was once a great way of understanding users’ opinions, is now very restricted and marketers can only analyze a small sample of the full conversation happening across social media.

We believe that listening, although limited, can still provide a lot of valuable insights – and that’s why it should be an important element of any marketer’s social media measurement strategy. If you want to monitor what’s being said about your company on social, try Socialbakers Inspiration PRO today!

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