Socialbakers Analytics is now the fastest ever

Socialbakers Engagement Analytics latest developments are now full of excited news! Our improvements bring you better performance in your analytics and the highest comfort so far in using your favorite features.

Socialbakers Analytics is now the fastest ever

What is better?

Today, we would like to guide you through Analytics performance upgrades, which will improve your user experience with Socialbakers Analytics features:

Higher speed.

This not only increases your system user interactions and makes sending of your requests more convenient; it also enables us to feed Analytics with more data in the near future and embed more and more functionalities for you.

New Graphs.

Newer, more colorful, easier to understand, simpler to export. These are all new features requested by you – result? Socialbakers listens and sets your needs as our priorities.

What is there to look for in the following week?

For the next week, we will be launching new exciting features. The new functionalities will be appreciated by marketers, industry specialists, brand owners, and all social media professionals.

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