How to Easily Find Inspiration for Your next Great Post or Campaign

If you're like most marketers, you struggle to find ideas for your posts and campaigns. That's because of the multitude of available inspiration sources and the difficulty with navigating through them effectively enough to find something truly worthwhile. But what if you could skip the time-consuming, strenuous search for ideas, and invest all that time and resources into crafting powerful content instead?

How to Easily Find Inspiration for Your next Great Post or Campaign

Every great post starts with inspiration. Whether you want to publish a company update on Facebook or create a multi-channel advertising campaign on social media, you need great ideas that will help you drive reach and engagement.

Unfortunately, today’s social media platforms are oversaturated with content. This means that discovering successful ideas poses a real challenge, as it requires you to sift through an infinite number of posts across multiple channels. What’s more, your audience is overwhelmed with content. They are exposed to images everyday and will engage only with best, most distinctive posts.

That’s why it’s essential to ensure that content you post begins with outstanding ideas that will help you to cut through the noise on social media and reach your communities.

Endless Inspiration at Your Fingertips

Having an access to the world’s largest library of 10 billion top-performing means that you will never be short of inspiration.

Unlike other solutions, our database extends beyond English-speaking countries to include best posts from all around the world and in all languages spoken on social media. This allows you to see exactly what’s trending in your region and leverage this knowledge to make your content even more effective.

Access the World’s Largest Content Library – and Much More!

How to use Socialbakers Content Inspiration? It’s easy – just type in a keyword or a set of keywords of your choice into the search bar, and see an overview of the best posts across Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on your screen within seconds.

Our long historical data will enable you to see not only the current, but also the past top-performing posts, both organic and promoted.

But that’s not all! You can dive even deeper and narrow down your search to posts of particular type, region, industry, time zone or even KPIs, such as reactions or shares, to ensure you’re drawing inspiration from a precisely selected content sample.


In this case, we were interested in finding the best posts around the “holiday” keyword for the Travel industry globally, published on Facebook within the past 30 days. Since we were interested in seeing the video content only, we filtered it out. We later sorted the posts by comments, which allowed us to instantly see which of them sparked the most conversations.

The whole process was effortless and took no more than two minutes – a fraction of time you’d have to spend to find and analyze these posts manually.

The Takeaway

With Socialbakers Content Inspiration, you won’t ever have to spend hours searching for inspiring content on social media. Our tool gives you everything you need to quickly discover the best ideas helping you build more effective posts and campaigns.

Start your free 14-day personalized trial of Socialbakers Suite today to take Content Inspiration for a test drive and experience the full power of an integrated, all-in-one social media analytics and performance solution. Powered by data from 10 million social profiles and 10 billion posts.

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