Facebook introduces new Facebook Preferred Developer Consultants

Facebook introduces the new of consultants to turn to if you need integrations to the Facebook Platform.

Facebook introduces new Facebook Preferred Developer Consultants

The Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant program was announced December 16 last year, and an update was introduced on March 8. At first in December, 14 companies were enlisted, and now there is a total of 49 companiess listed in the Facebook Preferred Developer Consultant program.

Facebook says about this program, that: “We often hear from brands, celebrities, companies, and organizations who are looking for the best resources to start building an application on Facebook.com, optimize a Facebook Connect integration or build a Facebook Page. To help you accelerate your efforts, we are introducing the Preferred Developer Consultant program to connect people to the resources they need to build with Facebook products and technologies.”

We have created a map of Facebook Preferred Developer Consultants so you can find which companies are closest to your country and city. Also we are very happy, that our company Candytech. which runs the Facebakers.com portal, was also listed in this program.

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