Fidget Spinners on Facebook: Why Timeliness Matters

Now that the fidget spinner hype has died down, let’s take a look at how retailers and ecommerce brands joined the conversation. What did it take to leverage the fidget trend before it spun out of the social media spotlight?

Fidget Spinners on Facebook: Why Timeliness Matters

Creating successful content can be hit or miss. But you increase your chances of striking a chord with audiences if you get in on popular conversation – while it’s still popular. If a trending topic is relevant to your business, then you need to act quickly if you want to strike gold. Missing this small window of opportunity can cost your brand valuable engagement and branding overall.

It seemed like everywhere you looked this spring, fidget spinners were making headlines – and for a time they really were. According to Google search data, fidget spinners were highly sought after, reaching peak searches in May.

So here’s what happened when fidget spinners landed on social media:


You couldn’t make a better case for the value of timeliness.

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While ecommerce brands jumped on the trend quicker than retail brands, their highest volume of posts still fell one week behind Google’s best week. Retail brands struggled to catch up to the fidget talk even more than ecommerce, reaching their peak four weeks after Google.

This means that the largest volume of brands posts per week were published after people were already losing interest in a toy that was no longer new and shiny. 

Moral of the story? Always listen to what your audience is talking about – and then jump in on the conversation while the topics are still hot. Google Trends is a great resource that can help you find topics that are relevant and timely. You can also use a social media marketing tool like Socialbakers Suite to help you listen to your audience and then take quick action.

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