Socialbakers Engagement Analytics has added new features to boost your monitoring experience

Waiting for innovations and new features can be exciting, but you are able to make most of it, when you know, what they are going to be about. Socialbakers Analytics presents a set of new exciting metrics and advancements, which you can use to enhance the performance of your Facebook page.

Socialbakers Engagement Analytics has added new features to boost your monitoring experience

Here is the overview of what you can expect of new Socialbakers Analytics.

Socialbakers Analytics has integrated Facebook Insights

Now we are monitoring new Facebook Insights metrics. We added these insights to enlarge our existing monitoring portfolio. With every new Facebook feature, Socialbakers offers solutions of how to interpret it, so you can stay ahead of your competition.

Socialbakers main advantage is that our Analytics enable you to compare yourself to competition. Competitive analysis is possible to conduct within your industry or within your close benchmarks.

Another feature available only in Socialbakers Analytics is the Leaderboard, which allows you to analyze all Facebook pages you are monitoring at one place.

Moreover, you are able to select what time period you would like to analyze. You can see there, what content works the most, even what hours and days are the best for posting your updates to the wall.

Socialbakers Analytics is launching “Tracker” and “Top Posts” and “Key Influencers” features

What are the main advantages of these new innovations that we are bringing to you?

Tracker – Socialbakers Analytics feature, which allows you to monitor selected competitors directly. Tracker enables you to see any change immediately as it appears at your competitor’s page. As soon as there is a new feature or tab launched, you will be able to check it directly in our Engagement Analytics.

Top Posts – feature that enables you to immediately identify the top content by single click.

Key Influencers – if you want to focus directly on personalities, who are the most engaged with your page and who can influence others, than you need to know the people, who write and comment the most on your Facebook page. Our new feature will make this possible.

Try out our Socialbakers Engagement Analytics – this is by far the greatest platform, which helps you to be informed and use all data available to stay ahead of your competition.

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