Best Christmas Campaigns on Social Media so Far

Every year brands strive to create the perfect Christmas advertisement that will be watched on television and on mobile screens across the globe. Competition is fierce during the the busiest time of the year, which means every dollar spent on holiday content needs to count. We analyzed how the most well-known UK retailers are faring on social media after debuting their highly anticipated Christmas commercials in order to see how brands are preparing for the holiday season.

Best Christmas Campaigns on Social Media so Far

Christmas may seem far away – but it’s right around the corner for retailers. While some are holding off on their Christmas commercial release, other brands are already fighting for the spotlight. So now the big question: Was it worth it for UK retailers to jump the seasonal gun?

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Christmas Comes Early for John Lewis on Facebook

For some brands, their one Christmas post on Facebook became their best-performing post for the entire year. Though other brands’ Christmas posts weren’t their best-performing, they still largely contributed to their total share of interactions. When looking at retailers’ Facebook performance as a whole, we can easily see the positive impact that one Christmas commercial had on their overall performance.

For example, John Lewis’s Christmas post accounted for 72% of their Total Interactions. However, John Lewis is a rare exception. Seeing that their entire brand is tightly tied to their annual Christmas commercial, it’s no surprise that they come in second place- just behind Marks and Spencer.

On the other end of the spectrum, British supermarket Asda’s advert accounts for “0%” of their Total Interactions. Though the commercial was creative, festive, and appropriately themed, the post only earned 434 Interactions. This goes to show that it’s not always about quality when it comes to producing holiday content. As we have seen for John Lewis, sheerly being associated with Christmas campaigns has given their brand a huge advantage on social media.


A Comparison of 2016 and 2017 Christmas Adverts on Facebook

We know that some of these brands created stellar Christmas content – but how did it stack up compared to last year? John Lewis’ 2016 #BusterTheBoxer campaign hit an all-time record with 80% of all of their Interactions for the year coming from this single post. This year, their #MozTheMonster Christmas ad was just 8% shy of beating their record.

In contrast, Aldi UK’s new ad outperformed their 2016 Christmas ad. Unlike John Lewis, Aldi stuck to what worked and reused their Kevin the Carrot concept. Facebook audiences gave the commercial, even more, love than they did the previous year. The single Christmas ad accounted for nearly 11% of their Total Interactions – a 2% increase from 2016.


When looking at how the ads are perceived in terms of Likes and Reactions, we can see some differences. Of course, Likes still remain the most dominant Interaction Type for both Christmas Ads. However, the most striking differences were in the percentage of Haha Reactions for Alidi UK’s Christmas commercial. Out of all the Christmas ads we analyzed, Alidi UK earned the highest number of Haha Reactions, making it the funniest Christmas commercial. By taking a slightly different approach, Aldi was able to stand out in a very crowded environment, aiming to evoke “hahas” out of their audiences instead of “aww-s.”


The Takeaway

Christmas commercials have been a seasonal tradition, followed by the most well-known brands across the globe, for years. Brands on social media have been able to get even more exposure out of their Christmas adverts as they publish their former short television spot on the online space.

Social media has allowed these brands to expand the reach of their advertisement while adding a layer of creativity. Posting at the perfect time can help maximize the number of audience members reached – which can give brands the peace of mind that they are reaching their full ROI potential on social media.

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