End the Guessing Game: The Best Time to Post on Facebook

Every social media manager has asked the same Facebook marketing question: when is the perfect time to post to maximize reach and engagement? All strong marketers want to give their posts the visibility they deserve, meaning that they shouldn’t leave it up to chance. We reveal how social media marketers can best use AI-driven insights to know when to post on Facebook. The era of publishing guesswork is over!

End the Guessing Game: The Best Time to Post on Facebook

Facebook marketing today is complex. Unfortunately, this means that there’s no one-fits-all solution marketers can use as a blanket strategy. To truly know the best time to post for specific Facebook Pages, marketers have to employ machine learning – a strategy that provides marketers with recommendations learned from specific posting practices and audience behavior. Through machine learning, social media marketers will be able to post at the right time every time and uplift the visibility of their Facebook Pages.

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Most Common Publishing Mistakes

It’s no secret that marketers are relying on inefficient methods to make posting decisions. The most common mistakes include:

Leaving publishing completely up to chance – Promoting posts without any strategy in place can lead to missed impressions. By simply posting at the right time, marketers can get their great content noticed by more of their audience.

Publishing at a standard time on specific days of the week – Everyone’s audience is different, which means there is no set method for perfect publishing times.

Empirically testing different publishing times to compare results – Though this can be an effective strategy, it is extremely heavy on resources – not to mention time. To keep up with social media’s fast pace, marketers need smart solutions that do the heavy lifting for them, giving them the answers they need in seconds.

These methods can cost marketers time and money and aren’t always 100% reliable. It’s important to note that everyone’s Facebook community is different and the best time to post on Facebook will vary greatly across Pages. Always keep in mind that a separate strategy needs to be created for each of your managed Pages.

The Takeaway

The social media landscape is constantly evolving, which can make developing a strategy difficult. Knowing when to post is just a small piece of the puzzle. To truly excel, marketers need to know when to promote their posts, how to adjust their ad spending to achieve maximum results, etc.

With a one-of-a-kind solution like Prime Time you can solve all of your publishing timing needs, whether you are managing one Page or a dozen. Let the machine learning algorithm put your data to work for you, and always know the best time to publish on Facebook. No matter if you are working for an agency or at a company, this solution can increase the value of your services and improve your social media performance.

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