Socialbakers Specialized Country Report for September 2011 – Germany

For the month of September, Socialbakers brings you specialized country report, which informs you about the best performing Facebook pages in terms of fan base, page activity, demographic data and industry view.

Socialbakers Specialized Country Report for September 2011 – Germany

Socialbakers reports enable you to understand your local country social media specifics. If you are interested in more information, please contact us.

Don’t hesitate to share and tweet what is the most relevant for you and what you would like to say to your local audience.

Top 20 brands according to their fan base

Top 20 most responsive brands

Top 20 most active pages according to the User posts

Country’s demographics and industry overview

What is new in Socialbakers local reports?

Apart from the local reports that we released, there are metrics covering segmentation, growth figures, and more deep industry views available at Socialbakers.

If you are interested, please email: for more information.

This report is has been prepared using our branded product, Socialbakers Engagement Analytics.

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