How to Get More Likes on Instagram as a Media Brand

Even though Instagram is a great communication channel, its potential remains largely untapped by media companies. Instead, news outlets rely mostly on Facebook for audience engagement - a trend that might change soon with a simple Instagram trick that can nearly double your interactions. Intrigued? Read on to find out what it is!

How to Get More Likes on Instagram as a Media Brand

Instagram is a perfect match for media companies. The network’s vast visual capabilities paired with extensive description space make it a perfect outlet for telling compelling stories. 

On top of that, Instagram boasts a high organic reach and rewards those with solid strategies with free visibility – a rare benefit during a time in which meeting your marketing goals depends mostly on the size of your social media budget.

But despite all the advantages of Instagram, media companies still receive roughly 4x fewer interactions on the platform compared to Facebook. This is a major problem, as an engaged audience is key to achieving high organic reach, which is crucial for any news outlet on social media, especially in light of the recent Facebook News Feed update.

How can media companies get more likes on Instagram?

We analyzed some of the most engaging media companies on Instagram to determine what drives their engagement. We discovered that one of the tactics news outlets apply to generate more Instagram likes is as simple as putting text directly within images.


Posts containing text within images that were published by Business Insider, BuzzFeed News, Forbes, Fox News, HuffPost, and Vox generated 41% more interactions on average compared to posts with no text overlays. 

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Media companies are clearly well-aware of the effectiveness of this method, as they used it with an average of over 57% of their Instagram images.


Some news outlets are especially keen on adding text to their image posts – BuzzFeed, for example, included text in 85% of their Instagram pictures. The strategy paid off with the company earning 64% more interactions with images containing text overlays compared to images with no text within.


Media companies seem to let the text within an image do most of the talking, which impacts the length of the post description.


In five out of the six news outlets we analyzed, adding text to images shortened the image captions. This makes sense – since people intuitively focus on images before text, using visuals with text overlays can help media companies grab their audience’s attention and deliver their message in a quick and effective way.

The Takeaway

The media companies we looked at think outside the box when it comes to Instagram strategy. Their clever decision to use images with text overlays helped them get more likes on Instagram, which is something any marketer looking to boost their Instagram engagement should try.

Text overlays are just one Instagram trick, though. We know about one more that can shoot up your Instagram interactions – find out what it is now! And in case you were wondering why you need to aim for better Instagram engagement, here are three ways how Instagram can help your business excel in the social media marketing world.

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