Top media companies on Facebook – TRUST with(out) BUZZ

Do you know what people from the marketing and media industry like on Facebook? Analytics from with figures so you can verify your ideas.

Top media companies on Facebook – TRUST with(out) BUZZ

In case that you take a deep analysis to find out what people “cheer for” mostly on the internet you get the following three categories: sex/erotic, news and information. These categories shadow interests of users on Facebook too. Based on absolute figures we can see that to the end of March (03/31/2010), three media companies on facebook with most fans occupied first positions: Playboy on Facebook (1 408 289), CNN on Facebook (839 567), on Facebook (696 883).

All of them are strong global brands but Playboy and CNN are not anymore among top ranked global brands . It looks that thanks to fans on Facebook they can find out a way how to rediscover their identities again. We know from Facebakers figures that Facebook isn’t about teenagers, but mostly about avarage users in mid and late 30’s – look for example here for US age distribution . So its not a surprise that these people respect tradition and quality.

Third position is occupied by Google which represents a young brand with a strong business appetite. Only Google is among 100 Best Global Brands and on 7th position is the only one of two brands within media sector along with Disney*. Google probably could be stronger but his fans are divided at least to two big groups. Other strong fan-brands on facebook are also very “conservative”. BBC is pretty strong together with The Economist and The New York Times. Based on these figures which represent real behavior of internet users is obvious that many people in marketing are blind about buzzing within social media and do not respect the reality. Facebook itself today basically represents the most of social media online. Mostly, media companies on Facebook today work as a pipeline for the news companies.

We talk about Facebook global figures in the framework of a media sector. However you should keep in mind that these figures are strongly influenced by US users. CNN is a global brand but The New York Times and The Onion are mostly aimed at US only. The US community is strong enough to influence global figures. That’s probably the reason why Interbrand has a rule that “each brand must derive about a third of its earnings outside its home country, be recognizable outside of its base of customers” when makes The World’s Top Brands for BusinessWeek.

Be smart and use Facebook as medium to deliver a message. Social communication is a marketing tool. Don’t consider facebook as your final objective because it’s not. Your final objective is your customer – he is the boss. Don’t forget it!

To summarize all above we offer you our small facebook media codex to meditate:

  • Facebook IS a good pipeline to send any (good) message
  • Facebook IS NOT source of news itself (it might be in special cases)
  • Facebook is used by many CONSERVATIVE users (and they like conservative media)
  • Facebook SUPPORTS media brands but DOESN’T create them
  • Facebook IS the global marketing application
  • Facebook IS the also a local marketing tool
  • Facebook IS created in U.S.A.
  • Facebook ISN’T only used in the U.S.A. (3/4 of Facebook users are outside U.S.)

*BusinessWeek methodology is based on Brand value .

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