Facebook believes things are better with your friends

Carolyn Everson, VP Global Marketing Solutions, Facebook, had recently great presentation on how marketing on Facebook will lead us to the next level of interacting with your customers. Socialbakers brings her most important presentation points in two articles.

Facebook believes things are better with your friends

(Part 1) Facebook is the source for connections in the world. Now the question for marketers is how to evaluate the power of connections as how they relate to storytelling.

Recent F8 conference brought two important announcements. Timeline is the overview of user’s life, which completely changes the relationship of fans with brands. Open Graph also brought new ways of content sharing experience. Listen. Read. Watch. Through Open Graph it is possible to know what your fiends are watching and listening to, join you and/or share the content with their friends.

Facebook has now more meanings for marketers. The main reason is that Facebook through technology allows us to experience all that happens in offline environment online.

Facebook statistics at glance:

350M people access Facebook via mobile

500M people connected in one single day

800M people are on Facebook

50% of people are coming back to Facebook every single day

2 billion posts are liked and commented every day on Facebook

250M photos are uploaded everyday

Why is Facebook all about friends?

For marketers interactions as they appear on Facebook mean significant discovery. The real connection with real people is now authentic. This is happening mostly through friends. Friends form the most personal connection with us, virtually everything we do we want to share with our friends. Given the scalability of the networks on Facebook, this is important momentum for brands.

How does it work?

The math works likes this. Average person on Facebook has 130 friends. These people are connected to another 8,000 people and those are connected to another 1,000,000 people! For brands this means incredible source of connections. Given the potential of fiends of friends sharing the brand’s content, it is far more important for marketers to create content that is socially sharable and that stimulates relationship building.

What is the best about all these great discoveries?

As Carolyn Everson pointed out “social discovery is the most powerful driver of human behavior today.” On Facebook, understanding how the connections work and recognizing the patterns among them is the work of the analytics.

Socialbakers.com is the source of these analytics providing the metrics that enable marketers understand the performance of their branded Page. Moreover, it provides a set o benchmarking indicators that help brands to undertake those actions, which are creating this valuable connection of fans and friends with the brands.

More information on how these metrics work can be found at Socialbakers Engagement Analytics overview.

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