10 biggest Facebook countries – Brazil continues to lead the growth

Socialbakers provides daily updated data on the numbers of Facebook users in all world countries. The list of the top ten is relatively stable over the month, however, there’s interesting evolution in terms of the growth speed that we observed in the last month.

10 biggest Facebook countries – Brazil continues to lead the growth

Brazil, as Facebook country number 7 is leading the rank in terms of its users’ growth. Significant to point out, especially in the country, where Google’s Orkut is still the most popular social media site. Brazil is also 4th largest LinkedIn country with over 6M professional users.

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Quite surprising is the constantly slowing growth of United States, which nevertheless remains Facebook as well as LinkedIn country #1.

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We offer one interesting table at the end. Below are the world’s countries, some quite new, which growth percentage has been the greatest among all Facebook countries.

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