Socialbakers integrates Google+ monitoring

Socialbakers is adding another social giant to its portfolio of social networks. Google + is now part of Socialbakers expertize dominated by Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Socialbakers integrates Google+ monitoring

Adding Google+ social network with its 50M users is important step for Socialbakers, since all marketers and social media analyst have now all data available at one place. As Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab pointed out: “social networks’ development never sleeps, new features and intergrations are being added almost every day now. Our goal si to measure world’s most impactful networks and constatnly develop metrics for social media monitoring that change the way users and brand owenrs look at business opportunities from these connections”.

What is great about monitoring Google+

  • Daily updated figures.
  • Updates about new features and improvements.
  • Marketing news and tips featuring best practices on Google+ inclueded in Socialbakers blog.
  • Google + TOP 10 biggest accounts

Find out more about Google+ stats here: //

Socialbakers integrates Google+ monitoring

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