Facebook: “business will work better in the connected world”

Recently published presentation by Carolyn Everson, VP Global Marketing Solution, Facebook, about the importance of friends and connections for brands is now following with the topic on brands’ effective communication on Facebook.

Facebook: “business will work better in the connected world”

(Part 2) Brands can now rely on the connections facilitated through Facebook. Networks are built up through people, places, and friends. As we have already pointed out, brands can reach their audience more widely through friends of their fans.

34% more audience is connected by brands through friends of your Page fans. This valuable group of people works as your ambassadors. Social technology enables you to work not only with pages, but also ads and platforms. Since every brand has a page, the goal is to be the most engaging storyteller for your brands.

What is the most engaging conversation you can have with your brands?

Apparently, about travel. Travel triggers the most engagement, you have probably noticed on your personal page. Try to post any question connected to your favorite place or ask friends where you should head for your next trip. Response is guaranteed!

What you should realize?

We already know that brands not on Facebook are playing big game on loosing fans. Presence is not enough. It is inevitable that you manage the communication with your friends properly. But how you can do that, when you don’t know what is the best approach and you don’t know if your past activities brought you any success?

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