Social Marketer Community launched

Socialbakers is excited to announce Social Marketer Community launched at our website. This place is dedicated for you to raise question, network, share ideas, and learn from your peers.

Social Marketer Community launched

We have been thinking about this concept for some time and now are very pleased to announce, it is actually alive!

It is your dedicated wall, where we invite all professionals to meet and talk! So what are the main advantages?

  1. Highly relevant group and topics – in Social Marketer Community, you can meet Facebook brand Page owners, marketing professionals, social media innovators, industry analysts, entrepreneurs, stats and analytics enthusiasts, journalists, Socialbakers fans and many more, who can contribute to conversations of your interest.
  2. All data and information at one place – the advantage of having Social Marketer Community running directly at is unique in terms of having source of data and analytics about Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Google+ at one place!
  3. Networking opportunities – if you are journalists preparing new feature or news on social media, or researcher, you will always get response and opportunity to speak to people from out team

We highly encourage to visit Social Marketer Community, and start your conversation today!

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