Socialbakers attending F.ounders Conference in Dublin, October 27-29th

This respected and highly prominent international conference comes for the second time to Ireland. Dublin will again witness and host the most successful guests from the technology and social media sphere, investors and economists.

Socialbakers attending F.ounders Conference in Dublin, October 27-29th

We are very proud to announce Socialbakers CEO Jan Rezab attending the f.ounders conference, which is one of the very few global invite-only events happening through the year. This year, in October, there are going to be approximately 200 technology company founders, chairmen, and investors; among them Co-Founder of Napster, and current chairman of Spotify, Sean Parker. Socialbakers attends as the largest European social media analytics company (now gaining significant presence in the USA, Latin America, and India).

The panel discussions include Technology mowing the world forward, topics on the global economy, important locations overview, the future of devices etc.

Looking for other reasons why we are bringing this to the attention?

Socialbakers is one of the preferred Facebook developers. We have enormous expertise and drive to go always ahead. Our Engagement Analytics provide Facebook statistics and brand metrics for successful measurement and strategic management of Facebook Pages for more than two years. We are continuing the development every day, we have word to say and we want to transfer or our knowledge to new features for you!

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