Facebook vs. Twitter – which brands are leading these social networks’ scenes?

Socialbakers is your resource of statistics covering the biggest social networks: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+. Certainly, both Facebook and Twitter have impact on your brand’s success in terms of engagement and overall attention, which fans devote to the brand. Socialbakers monitoring expertise now brings you in one place the overview of top Facebook brands and Twitter accounts and provides inside about the performance of the same brands on these two social networks.

Facebook vs. Twitter – which brands are leading these social networks’ scenes?
Jiri Voves

by Jiri Voves, Socialbakers Co-Founder & Product Director

Coca-Cola, Disney, and Starbucks belong to the biggest brands on Facebook. Although reaching to tens of millions of fans on Facebook, these brands are not particularly strong in the Twitter realm. What is the likely reason? I believe, Twitter is more about the personality; it is the opinion, positioning of the account holder, as well as the hunger of its followers for new statement to be made that drives the numbers on Twitter. This personality is better expressed through actual peoples’ accounts rather than brands. Moreover, some the top brands on Facebook are still quite young on Twitter, such as Skittles, Converse, and Oreo.

If you are a brand owner, striving to gain some momentum on Twitter, I recommend adopting the approach of PlayStation and iTunes. What are those brands doing right? iTunes adopted unique approach and uses tweets as an update for new music and offers. Successful enough since their fans follow the tweets to be first to know what new is there! PlayStation tweets about exclusive releases. On the top of that, PlayStations directly interacts with fans.

What should be your brand’s winning strategy on Twitter?

  • Use clever hashtags [#] for fans to use when they are enjoying your product.
  • Attribute the brand to the real person that tweets about everyday life and so get closer to your fans.
  • Don’t forget to market your product through creating competitions, asking questions, and actively responding to comments and questions of your fans.

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Comparison of Facebook Pages and Twitter Accounts

Table 1: Comparison of Facebook and Twitter according to the Top Facebook brands

Table 2: Comparison of Twitter and Facebook according to the Top Twitter accounts

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