Socialbakers Engagement Analytics Now Includes Facebook’s “People Talking About”

Socialbakers's Engagement Analytics allows you to measure the performance of your Facebook page. We've developed a unique set of metrics, which allows marketers to gain insight on how your Facebook page is performing, analyze data across an entire industry as well as gain competitive insights.

Socialbakers Engagement Analytics Now Includes Facebook’s “People Talking About”
Martin Homolka

by Martin Homolka, Socialbakers Co-Founder & CTO

Before now, we have integrated directly to Facebook so that we could offer you access across complete data sets that are publicly available. We are pleased to announce that we have integrated to Facebook Insights and that we have added a metric for “People Talking About” to our portfolio of metrics.

So, what is” People Talking About” and how does this metric appear in Socialbakers Engagement Analytics

“People Talking About” is a value that is visible on every Facebook page and appears below the number of fans. It is the number of unique persons who have created a story about the page over the last seven days.

Socialbakers’ Engagement Analytics will now show this number. However, there is more.

We will track from day 1, when your page starts to show this number (of people who are talking about you), and present a trending summary and graph.

This is another metric for you to use to understand what is most engaging for your fans and how to change content based on trends you see. We allow for you to evaluate metrics in context, which is especially important if you want to see what your competitors are up to.

Take a look at Table 1 below.

Table 1 shows a moving average that is calculated based on the past 7 days.

People Talking About graph

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