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Media Pages on Facebook – Unexpected Strategy for Higher Engagement
Katrina Wong

by Katrina Wong, VP Marketing

With Engagement Analytics PRO, marketers and page owners for brands determine what drives success for their Facebook pages. Today, I would like to share what we learned and compare different strategies between performance for Facebook brands and media.

Recently, many have focused on engagement rate as one of the most accurate success metrics for a Facebook page. Generally, engagement rates are the best measures for success but for certain industries, such as media, it is different.

In the table below, I have outlined the world’s most popular media according to the number of likes posted on each page’s wall over the past month. You’ll see that the Like Count, which is an indicator for interesting content posted on walls, is considered very high. Similarly, all top 20 media pages have one of the highest numbers of fans we’ve seen across all industries. So why is their average engagement rate lower than you would expect?

Here is the reason: engagement rate takes into consideration not only likes but also comments and questions created by fans. The later two are significantly lower for media pages, because media do not allow users to comment on their walls. This impacts the engagement rate and that is why media pages do not have a high engagement rate. However, the overall page score can still be high.

So, if you are a marketer evaluating the performance of a media page on Facebook, keep in mind that what works for brands on Facebook is different from what works for media pages on Facebook. While I would expect to see a high engagement rate for consumer goods, we have seen a different pattern for success with media pages on Facebook. The best metrics for success for media pages are the number of posts per day, post links and the time of post.

So, unlike brands, you may be posting something interesting or highly relevant, your fans may not be commenting with their opinions necessarily – maybe they just shy away from difficult topics such as the EU crisis. Instead, the media wall is where your fans consume will-written posts, comments, news and other observations. Their thank you is the Like.

Table 1: TOP 20 Media Pages on Facebook with Most Interesting Content Based on Like Count – October 2011

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