How should FMCG companies perform Facebook analytics? [EXAMPLES]

Because Socialbakers is being used by many FMCG (Fast Moving Consumer Goods) companies in the world, we wanted to give you real examples of how these companies are benefiting from using Socialbakers Pro and how they are analyzing their Facebook page statistics using Socialbakers Analytics.

How should FMCG companies perform Facebook analytics? [EXAMPLES]

Start with a dashboard

For this example, lets say you are the marketing manager for Red Bull, and you run your social profiles. What you want to do first is start with a basic dashboard and take it from there:

Define the key competitor

In this case, we defined Monster Energy as the key competitor, and will be using his Facebook page statistics to get deeper comparisons into what we are doing right or wrong.

Oh good! Using Socialbakers Analytics I have discovered right away that my engagement is better then my competitors, although it seems that I am lagging behind Pepsi and Coca-Cola.

Following this general overview, I can use Socialbakers Analytics to figure out the following:

  • Does my competitor post more posts then I do?
  • Is my competitor’s page more engaging?
  • Does my competitor have more key influencers?

Monitor top content and new features

Now what I can do is easily identify if and when competitors are launching new tabs and new promotions on Facebook using the unique “Tracker” function.

Also, identify I can identify the top content that my competitors are posting:

This gives you a great view on how a FMCG company can use Socialbakers Analytics to analyze its Facebook page efforts.

Socialbakers Engagement Analytics is one of the widest used social media analytics platforms – many FMCG companies such as McDonalds, Monster Energy, and Henkel have adopted this platform. To date, over 600 companies from all around the world use Socialbakers Engagement Analytics.

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