Walmart Tops US Retailers In Social Media Stakes for Black Friday Holiday Sales

Socialbakers, the world's fastest growing social media and digital analytics company, today announced its pre-holiday data findings of leading US retailers. With more consumers looking online for the best deals, Walmart is the retailer likely to win big this holiday weekend, as the study uncovers that it has the most engaged users across its social media platforms.

Walmart Tops US Retailers In Social Media Stakes for Black Friday Holiday Sales
Jan Rezab

by Jan Rezab, CEO

Walmart has the most number of fans topping the list at over 10 million fans, with over 7,500 fan posts last month. The engagement rate represents fan interactions and although Target ties with an average monthly engagement rate, Walmart has nearly double the number of fans who are actively posting.

Key Facebook analytics from the top five US retailers:

Commenting on the findings, Jan Rezab, CEO, Socialbakers, says: “Savvy retailers are combining traditional banner ads and web pages dedicated to Black Friday specials with Facebook posting and Tweets about deals, coupons, merchandise, and hot tips. This enables them to interact and respond to consumers instantaneously – offering them a massive competitive advantage that converts to increased sales and loyalty at Thanksgiving.”

The study finds that retailers with the most Facebook fans and Twitter followers already have consumers actively engaged, enabling retailers to share information about sales, special offers, and early hours. Socialbakers anticipates these social media savvy retailers will win the day with increased revenue proportional to their level of consumer online interaction.

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“Big name retailers who desire to meet or beat their sales targets know that they need to aggressively compete for the consumer’s dollar in this tough economy. Many retailers have tapped social media to close the gap between getting the consumer to browse to actually buy, ” said Jan Rezab, CEO of Socialbakers. “Our social media analytics helps marketers better understand and orchestrate their social media presence to get the results that they need.”

About the study

Socialbakers conducted the research by using Engagement Analytics which marketers use for sophisticated consumer behavior analyses that can be mined from Facebook pages, places, applications, the Facebook platform, Facebook advertising prices, all in real-time. Research conducted for the top 35 retailers in the US based on the highest number of fans, overall engagement rates and specific content engagement rates. Engagement rate is calculated as the number of fan likes and comments divided by the number of fans.

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