Happy Birthday Socialbakers – Celebrating 2 years

The Socialbakers.com site is celebrating 2 years today, where did we get, and where are we going next?

Happy Birthday Socialbakers – Celebrating 2 years
Jan Rezab

by Jan Rezab, CEO

Socialbakers, which few might remember as Facebakers when it launched back on the 22nd November in 2009, marking its 2 finished years in existence. It was and still is, very exciting. When we started, we just wanted to report on some stats we saw, and build some nice ranks of top pages. And as every idea evolves into something bigger, so did Socialbakers.

In 2009, the site was very early, had very little usage, at the end of the year hit a couple hundred visitors per day = but we tried hard. In early 2010, the site really started booming, the first thousand visitors were hit, and it all started rocking. We quickly realized that its not only about the basic numbers, that the stats we have are cluttered, and we have to pre-filter them on our own. Which we did, and our brand ranks were born. We also realized that the basic fan numbers are not going to be enough, and later on in 2010, we launched Socialbakers Pro Analytics – our premium analytics platform, which to date has over 500 customers from all around the world, companies ranging from media companies (BBC), brands (Henkel, Renault, Lufthansa, …), up to movie companies (Disney), celebrities, and many more!

This year, we really focused on a rocking roadmap and growing the company: Launched Twitter statistics, Google+ Statistics, Linkedin statistics, got an investment to fuel international expansion, and redesigned the portal to fit more stats.

We also launched a small section for social media marketers to exchange their experience, which we will soon start building on more seriously.

Moving forward, just next week, we are launching Youtube statistics on Socialbakers! Very exciting for us, because we can really show that we have full coverage of the top social media channels. Our team has really put in great effort in getting this done.

Next year will be rockin for Socialbakers, and I hope we can supply you with all the stats you can need to run your business. Please, send us a note in any social channel you might have. We really appreciate all your feedback.

Thank you for all the support,

Jan Rezab


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