Renault: Our communication success is measured with engagement rate

Check out Renaults opinion on social media analytics, and how they are utilizing the Socialbakers platform.

Renault: Our communication success is measured with engagement rate

This week, Marketing Week released an article Making sense of all that traffic, and Renaults Chief Digital Officer Patrick Hoffstetter had a very nice quote about their social media efforts, and also about how they are using the Socialbakers platform, which we are very happy about!

“The unabated rise of social media platforms has transformed the way brands communicate. Rather than pushing messages at consumers, we have the opportunity to engage with them. Renault is a people-centric brand and understanding how consumers feel about us is vital. We want to create a social face for the company with which consumers can engage.

Over the past six months, we’ve been working closely with social media analytics agency Socialbakers to refine the way we communicate digitally. Communication success at Renault is measured according to engagement rate, and using analytics we can measure not just overall engagement, but can drill down into engagement on everything we publish across Facebook, Twitter and more.

By monitoring those posts that trigger the highest engagement or the most debate, we can better refine our social communications – ensuring our information is useful, timely and adds value to our community. We also monitor how some of our key competitors are using social platforms. We believe in benchmarking social conversations beyond Renault’s community; seeking out what conversations are causing a stir from our competitors is a fundamental part of social media best practice.”

See full quote and other opinions in Marketing Weeks article: Making Sense of all the traffic

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