Socialbakers launching Social Media Agencies section & Trusted Agency program

Socialbakers is the #1 source for social media marketing data worldwide, but the world isn't only about data (aaah too bad). We also want to get closer to our partners and friends, and we are launching our Social media agencies section! Its simple and most importantly, its free & local!

Socialbakers launching Social Media Agencies section & Trusted Agency program
Jan Rezab

by Jan Rezab, CEO

Every local community in each market will have its own suppliers, so SIGN UP YOUR AGENCY TODAY in our new social media agencies section! You can find Social media agencies in our Top header menu as a tab.

We hope that you will sign up your agencies soon, and we can roll on to the more important stuff: Socialbakers Trusted Agencies. Because this will be big!

Not only do Socialbakers Trusted Agencies get the top placement in the social media agencies section and the countries section, they also get access to the latest Analytics features, will be heavily trained and will be the first to roll-out with our new features coming out in December. Hang on there, because this program is starting soon. Initially we will open with a few partners in every country.

We will be launching some super-exciting features with these partners, so if you want to become one, read on!

Can I still join?

Although the seats are limited to start with, yes, you can still possibly join. However, we are closing the initial agency list on Monday 28th of November and launching the program on 1st of December. If you are interested in becoming a Socialbakers Trusted Agency, then add your agency to the social media agencies section and just tick: “I want to become a Socialbakers Trusted Agency”, and we will evaluate your sign-up and contact you ASAP.

If you feel like you would prefer joining later, sure thing – the first partners are who will really get the top placement overall, and be on the edge, but definitely dont be discouraged if you cant make it, we will be opening with a new set of partners following in early 2012.

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