US retailers after Black Friday – who won the social media battle for customers?

Socialbakers post-weekend shopping social media analytics data confirm the predictions made earlier previous week. Top retailers, such as Walmart and Target were able to gain even higher engagement and half a million of fans over the single weekend!

US retailers after Black Friday – who won the social media battle for customers?

The holiday shopping during this weekend recorded some astonishing results in terms of US customers’ spending. The sales were 16% higher than last year over the same period and amounted to more than $52 billion (source National Retail Federation).

Socialbakers, as leading social media analytics company, reviewed the performance of the top 5 US retailers prior to the holiday weekend and offered study findings pointing on their engagement rate and interactions represented through activity of their fans. As the weekend is over, Socialbakers brings actual results of this battle – Walmart stays on the top in # of fans, although Target engaged customers the most, which is what usually pays off in the long run.

As the spending went up, so did engagement rate.

The post-weekend key findings are shown in the table below. Although Walmart stays on the top and increased number of fans by almost 200,000, Target was weekend’s social media winner. With nearly 0.5 million of fan increase and campaigns that triggered heavy user’s activity on its Facebook wall, Target as the only retailer actually increased users Engagement Rate.

The holiday spending is not at the end, since consumers are heading towards another wave of spending, which comes this Monday known as Cyber Monday. Socialbakers social media analytics will again bring most important findings on the level of consumer online interaction as a reaction to another retail shopping stimulus.

Engagement Rate is among our most important metrics here at Socialbakers, we measure how reactive the communities are in social media, and it’s measured using Socialbakers Pro Engagement Analytics. Check out Socialbakers Engagement Analytics today and get it for your Facebook pages.

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