Key differences between Socialbakers Analytics and Facebook Insights

Today we want to tell you a little about the differences we feel between Socialbakers Analytics and Facebook Insights, as we get that question asked a bit.

Key differences between Socialbakers Analytics and Facebook Insights

Every social media marketer doesn’t only have to understand its own page performance, but also performance of their competitors. Some of you might be using Facebook Insights for checking your page stats, which provide some information about monitoring your own page only, and we have indeed integrated Facebook Insights. Socialbakers Analytics offers a more then Facebook Insights, we offer a detailed view on all of your competitors, and also seeing in detail on what content really works for you, and obviously our benchmarking features really help.

Some of the key features available under Socialbakers Analytics:

  • Leaderboard: Socialbakers Analytics provides one place with all Facebook pages that you are monitoring. From here, you can select pages to compare in your selected period of time.
  • Overall Page Score is percentage, which consist of various metrics that are indicators of your page performance. Metrics that contribute to the overall page score are: Engagement Rate, Fan Growth, Type of Content and Post Quality.
  • The “Tracker” is a recently launched feature, which allows you to monitor any changes to your competitors’ pages.
  • Key Influencers are people who write and comment most on your Facebook page.
  • In early November, Socialbakers integrated Facebook Insights and added a metric “People Talking About” to the portfolio of metrics available under Engagement Analytics. This metric contributes to the understanding of what content is generating fans’ engagement and enables tracking of competitors’ activities.
  • Recently, Engagement Analytics updated its competitive metrics with a new feature called: Benchmarking; new feature that enables strategic comparison of brand’s Facebook page to the whole industry. Benchmarking greatest value lies in the ability to evaluate page’s position in the scale of the whole industry of brands available on Facebook

All Socialbakers Engagement Analytics features and updates are accessible for free here. For any questions, please contact our team and we gladly help you any queries you may have regarding the set-up and our products.

For example here you can see the evolution between BMW and Automobile category: For a while, BMW outperformed the Automobile category in engagement, but recently got down to 50% below the industry standard.

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