Benchmarking: The revolution in social media analytics on Socialbakers

If you are a Socialbakers Analytics Pro user, you probably already know about Benchmarking features. Not only can you compare to any other specific pages, but to entire industry categories. Currently, we launched the major local markets and industry sectors, we will be launching verticals for everything out there!

Benchmarking: The revolution in social media analytics on Socialbakers
Jan Rezab

by Jan Rezab, CEO

Let me show you some examples of what numbers this can bring you:

I am sure the social media managers from Xbox Germany want to know if they are overgrowing the German ranks = they sure started to:

I am sure for Audi in Germany its very important they are overperforming the category, but if you see in the second chart, their engagement has been dropping.

On the other hand, Vodafone UK cant complain by their engagement growing = the social media telecom engagement is decreasing, and they are increasing.

Audi USA (serving as the Audi global page) has its ups and downs to the Automobile category. Big engagement changes going on there, and Audi is currently losing that engagement game.

If you are interested in benchmarking your pages = you better start using Socialbakers Engagement Analytics Pro today! If you haven’t signed up yet, get a 14 day free trial here.

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